DHS Destroys

El Paso County Department of Human Services and Child Protective Services are supposed to be protecting family’s in southern Colorado, but are they actually abusing their power to destroy them?

You have the right to hear the story of how DHS removed two teenage girls, ages 13 & 15, from their home after the teens alleging depression a day after being grounded and losing cell phone privileges.

This is the true story of the overreach of DHS and CPS workers including the County Attorney who have spent almost a year determined to destroy our family for not adhering to their ridiculous demands. They are government officials overreaching into the lives of families, invading privacy and in this case taking children from a loving home on a whim! You need to know your rights. DHS destroys lives.

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The Full Story

This is just the beginning, we have to tell our story, and we need our community to know. Countless lives of children have been lost because of DHS and CPS incompetence. You don’t think it can happen to you or affect your family, until it does.

Our teenage girls were punished for lying and leaving school and going to the boys houses without permission, I don’t think I need to say that this is a somewhat common act teenagers will do or at least try to do. As parents, you have to be watchful, listen to your children and know when they are doing something dangerous, and then act accordingly to protect and correct them. Their phones were taken away and they were grounded. The girls decided, after ill advisement from an adult, to contact DHS and tell lies about what happened, hoping to scare us into letting them do whatever they wanted, again a product of the liberal media threatening parental rights. El Paso County Sherriff’s office came out to investigate the allegations and determines too many inconsistencies, no evidence of abuse and the girl’s stories didn't match up, and the El Paso County Sherriff then decided not to pursue any abuse charges.

DHS decided on their own, after a trained professional criminal investigator came to the conclusion that there were no signs of abuse. We told them to leave us alone, DHS then decided that they would pursue the case and have since then tried to destroy our family. DHS has shown how they would try and use all their power for pure personal revenge.


The DHS workers Hancock and Jenkins purposely mislead the El Paso County Sheriff’s office and said she was threatened by us. After this incident, we believe she illegally obtained a removal order to remove our daughters after the El Paso County Sheriff’s office review the order he determined it was not legal due to the lies and inconsistencies in her story. The order for removal and search warrant was squashed. This only angered the DHS workers more and they attacked the El Paso County Sheriff’s officers with what can be described as vulgar and unprofessional language.

The girls were never removed and for the next week when DHS could have gone to their school and talked to them they did not. DHS just wanted to invade our home to show their power. My wife and I have always insisted that all the allegations were 100% false, and clearly someone was putting these ideas into their heads that they could call DHS to threaten us and then we would give them their cell phones back. This is a fact that was later shared in court by our older daughter who confessed that indeed the mother of the boys they were seeing without permission (mind you they were 13 and 15 at the time this all started), was telling them what to say and do to get back at us for grounding them. Come to find out, the mother of these boys was a disgruntled ex-employee of mine, who was fired, and was using this as a way to seek revenge of her own, without regard to our daughter’s safety.

As a result of their falsehoods, and the dangerous overreach of DHS, we were only allowed to visit our daughters now at a supervised visitation center 1 hour a week.

The girls were sent to a foster home in the same neighborhood as the boyfriends they were sneaking out to see in the first place which caused them to get grounded. The girls snuck out of the foster home on several occasions, they were introduced to drugs, drinking alcohol, and at the age of 13 our youngest daughter lost her virginity.

Both girls were caught car hopping and got felony charges. While under DHS care and supervision, they were put in harm’s way and their lives were endangered.

DHS moved the girls into different group homes, they were separated and they started to behave very badly due to the dangerous, junior gladiator environment that DHS forced them into.

One female CASA worker, LS, was incredibly disruptful and disrespectful during the trial. She was mocking me (the father) while I was giving an emotional testimony about his daughters cancer treatments.

This worker kept telling the girls that she was working hard to help them get home, when in reality she was the one who kept holding up the progress to allow them to come home. Playing on their feelings and trying to blame the parents for them not being able to come home. She continually overstepped her bounds.

The GAL lied to our daughters during mediation, by telling them we would not agree to counseling or anything the girls had wanted. When in fact, we agreed to counseling outside of DHS, with a professional private family therapist, not an amateur DHS therapists who has had several complaints filed against them from other families in similar situations. This is not effective when the DHS System is undermining the progress the family is making. They are playing mind games with troubled adolescents, that is sickening.

DHS made it mandatory for the family to go and see a therapist, they said they will send the girls home if we do what they tell us to do. DHS is now trying to run our lives, our youngest daughter begin to act so differently, talking so hateful and angry, dressing differently, she started smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and doing drugs – all while in DHS custody and supervision. She took a severe turn for the worst when DHS remove her from our home and put them into their custody, the living conditions at the group homes are absolutely deplorable, unsanitary and offer no safety. If the child decides to leave the group home, there is a “Hands Off” policy that they cannot make the child stay, so basically they can come and go as they please.

We were not allowed to talk about anything that had happened with our daughters or family several times the workers at the visitation house were very confrontational argumentative and very disrespectful. They are very close minded secular progressive liberals in my opinion.

I contacted our state representative for our area, Darrell Glenn, and told him our story. He said there was nothing he could do, and washed his hands of it. For someone campaigning saying he would help southern Colorado families, he showed us he is just another big talking politician with no action behind his words.

There are now so many people involved that it was impossible to get a jury trial anytime soon. There was one delay after another. This should be very eye opening that our system is so broken and slow that our lives have been in complete chaos and distress for almost a year, whilst the case workers, judge and county attorney have allowed for delay after delay knowing our girls were on the streets and doing nothing to let us protect them.

The overreach of DHS and Child Protective Services and their abuse of power is frightening, they have shown they have a personal vendetta against myself, as a parents and even had me jailed for contempt because I would no longer participate in their ridiculous demands of therapy. Because we would not follow their anti-religious demands. To put it bluntly. Our daughters were reprimanded for bad behavior, and DHS stepped in and made sure they got into drugs, drinking and sex.

They have put our children and our family at a greater risk than anyone can possibly imagine. Our story needs to be told.

El Paso County Department of Human Services and Child Protective Services are supposed to be protecting families in southern Colorado, but are they actually abusing their power to destroy them? You need to know your rights. DHS destroys lives.

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